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We are sure you are wondering what is happening here on the lake today at James Island County Park, and hope that the information below will help enhance your experience to what is happening.

Today's Event:

The Dragonflite 95 (DF95) Region 3 Regatta

This event is part of a qualifying series that the sailors compete in to allow them to go and represent their region at the DF95 National Sailing Championship, this year in San Diego CA

Who is Sailing:

This event has attracted some to the top RC sailors from across the USA with 6 States represented. 

The Boat: Dragonflite 95

The DF-95 Class is one of the fastest growing fleets of Radio Controlled (RC) boats in the country. It's just 950 mm long (37.4") and is 1425 mm (56.1") tall from the bottom of it's keel to the top of it mast.

The RC boat totally relies on the wind and the skill of the skipper to direct it and make it go as fast as possible. The skipper uses a hand held controller to sail the boat using only two controls, one for the rudder, to steer the boat and the other moves the Sails in and out to power it.

The Racing:

The regatta is made up of a series of races that are held over 2 days.

As there are so many boats entered, the fleet is split into two, an A Fleet & a B Fleet. There is promotion for the top finishers in the B fleet up to the A fleet and demotion from the A to B for the last boats in the A fleet races.

The Start:

To start the race, the boats congregate at the down wind end of the race course and a timer is used for a 2 minute count down. Listen out for the countdown. 

The boats must stay behind the start line, defined between two marks, and aim to cross it just as the countdown get to zero. If they cross too early, they must go back behind the line to start the race. 

The Course:

The boats sail a course defined by a series of marks. After they have started, the boats will then sail upwind, tacking in a zig zag pattern, as they cannot sail directly into the wind, to a windward mark. Then there is a short leg to an offset mark before the boats sail downwind to a leeward gate defined by another 2 marks. The boats pass through the gate and then back up wind. The boats will usually do 2 laps before they sail to the finish at the top of the course between 2 marks.

Scoring: The first boat to finish is given 1 point, second 2, the third 3 and so on. At the end of all the races, the scores are added together for each sailor. If enough races have been sailed, the highest scored races are subtracted from the sailors overall score. The Sailor with the lowest score is declared the winner.

Thank you for stopping by and spending some time watching the sailing and enjoying the event here at James Island County Park. We hope you enjoyed watching and learning a little bit about todays event​

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