Charleston Model Yacht Club

Current Announcement:

Our next Soling points race will be on October-07 2018.
Our next DF-95 points race will be on October-14, 2018.
Our next EC-12 points race will be on October-21-2018.
The EC-12 Wisteria Cup/Region 3 Championships will be held 10/20,21/2018.

Points Races 2018/2019:

We are looking forward to see you all for twelve challenging Soling competitions on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd Sunday of the month.

Solings 1st Sunday, DF95 2nd Sunday, EC-12 3rd Sunday of each month

2019 Frostbite Series:

We will have four Soling races on Wednesday February 6,13,20,27/2019.
If you compete in all four races you will get the sum of the best three races.
Each day will have 9 races with one throw out.
You must sail from your chair or stand behind you chair.
You must place your chair under a tree in the shade.
You may hit all the marks as long as you round the mark on the correct side.​

Club Announcements​