Points Day Racing Rules CMYC​

Charleston Model Yacht Club
Club #115 of the American Model Yacht Association (AMYA)

1) A points race will be conducted in accordance with the current International Sailing Federation Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), the Charleston Model Yacht Club Sailing Instructions, and these procedures, in that order.

2) The race year will run from June 1st to May 31st.  The points race will be held on Sundays per the published schedule of races.

3) Points race day shall consist of heats sailed over a 2 hour period. Discards shall be 1 after the first 5 heats and then 1 every 4 more heats completed.    A minimum of five heats must be completed for the race day to count.  If five heats cannot be completed, the race day will not count. A make-up race day will be scheduled where possible.

4) The skippers total point count is determined by totaling the scores of a skipper’s total score less the discarded heats in the series.

5) Points are awarded as follows:

  1st place – 1 point, 2nd place – 2 points, etc.

6) Did not finish, did not start, and disqualified will receive last place points plus 1.

7) A minimum of two boats are needed for points races to be counted.

8)After the final points race of the season, the six lowest monthly scores for each skipper will be computed to determine that year’s winners.

9) A RD will be appointed at race time.  

a) If there are 15 or more starting boats, a second RD is recommended to assist.  

b) Appointed RDs shall be given a points score for that day equal to the average of their best 5 scores for the race year.
Where no RD is available or when lower numbers of skippers are present, for example less than 9, the scoring should be conducted by the first to finish and assisted by the second skipper to finish.   

c) The RD (Race Director) shall set the course and will describe the racecourse to the skippers before the start.

10) The RD will start the race any time after the designated starting time and after two or more skippers are ready to race. When the RD is also a skipper in the race, the skippers shall self-regulate the starts and incidents under a “honor” system

11) A redress must be directed to the RD at the time of the incident; the RD will determine its validity. A request for redress shall be based on a claim or possibility that a boat's finishing place in a heat, through no fault of its own, has been made significantly worse by:

a) Physical damage because of the action of a boat that was breaking a rule of the current RSS

b) A boat against which a penalty has been imposed under a rule of the current RSS.  

12) A redress score shall be calculated after the final heat by averaging the skipper’s points for all other heats minus a throw-out if applicable. That average will then be recorded as his score for that heat.

Updated and effective: 01 Sept 2021