​Courtesy of Erv Kaeser:

  1. Rig boat with deck level fore and aft.
  2. Set Mast angle: 2 degree forward rake.
  3. Set Backstay: Snug, not tight; loosen for light air.
  4. Set Cunningham: Just remove wrinkles.
  5. Set Main outhaul: 1.5" fullness.
  6. Set Jib luff: just remove wrinkles.
  7. Set Jib outhaul: 1.5" fullness.
  8. Set Main sheet: Incline boat at approximate 35 degree sailing angle. Set main boom 1 ½" from center line. Set jib boom to point at shroud.
  9. Set Vang to: View boat from 2 boat lengths astern with mast and backstay aligned.
    1. see leeward side of main clew
    2. see center batten pointing at you
    3. see windward side of top batten


Charleston Model Yacht Club

Soling 1 Meter Sailing Tips