Charleston Model Yacht Club

Soling 1 Meter Sailing Tips

​Courtesy of Erv Kaeser:

  1. Rig boat with deck level fore and aft.
  2. Set Mast angle: 2 degree forward rake.
  3. Set Backstay: Snug, not tight; loosen for light air.
  4. Set Cunningham: Just remove wrinkles.
  5. Set Main outhaul: 1.5" fullness.
  6. Set Jib luff: just remove wrinkles.
  7. Set Jib outhaul: 1.5" fullness.
  8. Set Main sheet: Incline boat at approximate 35 degree sailing angle. Set main boom 1 ½" from center line. Set jib boom to point at shroud.
  9. Set Vang to: View boat from 2 boat lengths astern with mast and backstay aligned.
    1. see leeward side of main clew
    2. see center batten pointing at you
    3. see windward side of top batten