Charleston Model Yacht Club

​​Ronald Wyman
Web Development

Alex Sanders
Vice Commodore

Welcome to the Charleston Model Yacht Club

Bill Coates

Bob Bowden
Racing Rules Governance

Henry Cerceo

CMYC was established 35 years ago in 1986.  Our sailing fleet consists of  East Coast 12 Meter (EC12), Soling One Meter (S1M) ( 2 of the largest AMYA Class registrations), DragonFlite 95's (DF95)(one of the fastest growing fleets in the USA) a quick, easy to sail and affordable RC boat and our newest fleet, International One Meter (IOM).

Guests are welcome to come and sail with us any time, whether you are an experienced sailor or would just like to learn. Open sailing with any sailboat class sailors are welcome.

If you would like to learn, the best place to start would be with the DF95 or S1M fleet.​

​We welcome all sailors of all RC boats with many of our members owning 3-4 different class of boats from Soling, EC-12, DF95, IOM, Marblehead M, American M /Vintage Marblehead M, or Laser . Bring your boat and we will race.

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Charleston Model Yacht Club officers have decades of sailing and RC experience. Bill is a club founding member. Alex has sailed throughout his life in Holland and America. Henry manages operations, finances and memberships and marketing. Bob is a national certified sailing judge throughout the Eastern US. He keep is up to date on racing rules. Ron keeps our website current.

Club Successes

Some of our members travel to take part in competitions around the country and our club has 5 past Soling and EC-12 National Championship Winners.

Have successfully hosted several regattas for the Soling 1M, EC-12 National Championships and most recently:

  • 2021 IOM Region 3 Regatta, 
  • 2019 DragonFlite 95 National Championship
  • 2017 Championship for S1M.