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Here is the case that Steve created a few years back that was the main inspiration for the case I built. In reading the comments on the post noted that although the case was reasonable to purchase, he'd spent then a lot more on the foam to ensure the boat was adequately protected.

This page is for information on how to build a travel case, at your risk, with no Liability accepted if any damage is sustained to your property or others, if this design is used.

A bit of cutting and shaping of the polystyrene is needed to make a few things fit like the controller and Charger. But everything you need can fit into this, including your tool kit, chargers, batteries and spares you may need. 

So with inspiration from the limited options I had found and in my typical "I'm and Engineer and I want to improve it" I did a bit of "everything" to create a great solution for traveling with your DF95. I was just disappointed that I didn't get to this years Nationals due to an unexpected work commitment... but hey !! I'm ready for next year....

The following are some photos and comments on what I believe is a great solution for when you have to travel with your DF95, and it needs that bit of extra protection.

This all started when I was planning on traveling to the 2021 Nationals in San Diego and pondered, "How do I get my boat from Charleston SC to San Diego CA without it getting damaged????

Well, trawling the internet, I found limited references to travel cases. There is mention on the DF95 webpage about making sure you keep the original box. That I had done but thought it was too fragile to send via air that way.

It could go in it's original box via Fedex or the like but then I might as well have got Chuck to bring me a new boat with the charges !!!

Wilson Chong, did a great case, but it's a lot of DIY time building it from scratch. .

​​Hunting though the DF95 Facebook, I found a photo that Steve Landeau had  posted of his case and that got me thinking......

This is the Sail box I made using corrugated plastic sheeting and 0.5" insulation foam panels. The plastic sheets are cut to the same size as the box so it fits really nice on top

I have 2 A rigs, a B and C rig also in there. Packed with care in a certain way they fit nicely on top of each other without damage. You do have to take off the Boom assembly from the A rig due to the overall length of the Mast

​​DF95 Travel Case - by Martin Bowers

So here is my travel case. It took the case from Steve's concept, used the original box the boat was sent in and Wilson's "let's build something" attitude.

The Case is a Plano Parallel Limb Hard Bow Case that I purchased from Amazon. This I believe is the same case as Steve had used.