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Charleston Model Yacht Club

Note:  If you are a Race Director you will receive the average of the best six races instead of your lowest score.     

Soling 1 Meter

Race Standing 2018/2019

  June  July   Aug   Sept   Oct    Nov  
 Dec   Jan   Feb   March April    May   Total Best 6  Place  
Bob Bowden/60

Henry Cerceo/60M

Bill Coates/83

Reichard Kahle/33

Tom Mackin/7

Dick McGillivray/8

Mark Mohlenhoff/52

Jack Morse/83

Vasco Pickett/13

Carlton Poulnot/92

Carl Sandele/14

Alex Sanders/387 

Randy Singelyn/289

Sara Tyler/8

Dave Tyler/4

Bill Welch/89

Julian Whittaker/748

Ron Wyman/42