Charleston Model Yacht Club

Note:  If you are a Race Director you will receive the average of the best six races instead of your lowest score.     For example during the May 2018 race Henry was Race Director and received 11/6 = 1.8 points.

East Coast 12 meter

Race Standing 2018/2019


  June  July   Aug   Sept   Oct    Nov  
 Dec   Jan   Feb   March April    May   Total Best 6  Place  
Bob Bowden/60

Henry Cerceo/60M

Bill Coates/83

Reichard Kahle/33

Tom Mackin/7

Dick McGillivray/8

Mark Mohlenhoff/52

Jack Morse/83

Vasco Pickett/13

Carlton Poulnot/92

Carl Sandele/14

Alex Sanders/387 

Randy Singelyn/289

Sara Tyler/8

Dave Tyler/4

Bill Welch/89

Julian Whittaker/748

Ron Wyman/42